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Daughter of Deception Blog Tour: Excerpt and Giveaway!

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From Goodreads:
Daddy's little girl.

That's what clairvoyant Viola Ashwood has been her entire life. She wouldn't mind quite so much if her father hadn't been possessed by a powerful, and nasty, demon nearly a decade earlier. After recovering from a horribly tragic confrontation with Daddy Dearest, Viola wants nothing more than to get back in to the federally-funded but privately run demon-hunting Network. Duke, her brother's ex-best friend and the guy she's crushed on since she was six, stands in her way. As Network regional head, Duke's got plenty of reasons for keeping Viola out of his region, and that's before he considers the fact that her father's on the Network's most wanted list

Just when Duke grudgingly allows Viola into the Network, Daddy Dearest, still possessed and more obsessed with Viola than ever, reappears. While trying to stay one step ahead of the demon, Viola struggles to overcome fears about her surprise demonic heritage while learning to control her new abilities. Especially the one that has her raising zombie squirrels in the middle of the afternoon. Together, Duke and Viola deal with dangerous demons, centuries of family secrets, and a mysterious link that may bind them for life.

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Today I have an exclusive excerpt...
All the air whooshed out of Duke's lungs when his back slammed against the side of Viola's SUV. He blinked rapidly to clear the stars from his eyes and missed the opportunity to avoid the thick tail headed for his stomach. The fast-food breakfast sandwich he'd finished half an hour earlier threatened to make a reappearance. Coughing and sucking in oxygen, he regained his equilibrium and shuffled out of the way of a second tail shot.

"Little help here, Vi?"

"Give me a sec!" Viola cursed under her breath when she the arrow slipped out of her hand for the fourth time in two minutes. Her fingers were still numb from having been in the cold air and pulling out an arrow with a wooden shaft out of a quiver stuffed full of arrows with aluminum, fiberglass, and wooden shafts was proving to be impossible. "It would really help if you'd stop
shaking the damn car."

Duke planted his right foot in the chest of the scaly demon towering over him. He gave the demon a shove then slid around the rear of the SUV to join Viola. Leaning over her shoulder, he plucked the quiver from her grasp and pushed her towards the demon. "Let's trade places."

Viola balled her fists and contemplated taking a swing at the Zizk. Its scales weren't that hard, but she really didn't want to go to her first meeting with a potential business associate with scraped, swollen knuckles. She should have grabbed Duke's set of brass knuckles when she’d spotted them. She settled for striking out with her foot. The toe of her sneaker caught the demon in the jaw. The Zizk didn’t flinch, but Viola was certain she’d broken her big toe.

Duke poked his head around the side of the vehicle. He saw Viola hopping up and down on one foot. He was only mildly concerned. Her foot was still attached to her leg, after all. "Told you that you should have worn your boots."

"Shut up, Tobias." Viola dropped down into a low crouch so that the clawed fingers aimed at her head hit the side window instead. The sound of claws scraping across glass made her shudder.

"You can hurry up any time now!"

The Zizk snarled at Viola. Its hand darted out to swipe across her shoulder. The claws dug furrows into Viola's skin. Viola instinctively lashed out. The force of the kick she gave the Zizk sent it stumbling away and clutching its abdomen. Viola thrust her fingers through the gouges in her sweatshirt. When she pulled her fingers away, they were stained red. "This was my new favorite sweatshirt!"

"Guess he didn't get the 'hands off' memo Daddy Dearest sent out, huh?" Duke looked up from the knot he'd been tying when a panting, angry Viola appeared next to him. His eyes scanned the wound on her shoulder. The scratches looked deep but not enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. If she was still standing, she wasn’t too bad off. "Isn't that my shirt?"

Viola eased the rag-covered arrow from Duke's hands then slapped him on the shoulder. "Tag, you're in." 

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Kara Thorpe started writing as a distraction in French class and never stopped (just don’t ask her to conjugate many verbs).  Born and raised in Texas, she loves all things historical, scientific, and downright geeky. Though she prefers to write short, character-driven stories, she ventured into the world of the novel with the first book of the Family Lies series "Daughter of Deception."

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