Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top 5 Sundays #5

Yay for Top 5 Sunday! A weekly meme, hosted by Larissa...Check out her site for rules, and the other Top 5 Sundays participants...

The theme for today is:
Favorite Character Names!

I LOVE names... I read into names, and I think it's important a character's name fits him or her. I probably have more than 5, but here are my top-- I think :)

1. Aislinn (Wicked Lovely) - I'm a sucker for Irish names and this one- pronounced Ash-leeng-- is beautiful. 
2. Qhuinn (BDB)- oh yes... not only is he amazing, but his name is lovely... I love to say it... ;)
3. Anya - (LOTU) - This is what we call my daughter. 
I prefer the Celtic spelling - Aine - but I still love this name, have since I was younger and saw it in a mythology dictionary.
4. Rome Masters (Tales of an extraordinary girl) - Gena does it for me again. There's something powerful about this man's name and I just love it. Say it - Rome Masters... mmmm
5. Conall (Demonica) -- mmmm, and Irish again. But I love this name. I also love any Connor in any book, because that is my favorite all-time name. 

Others I like - Asher from Anita Blake, Galen from Merry Gentry and I know there's a Galen in another series, too. Kisten from Rachel Morgan, and I'm sure there are more, but I can't think right now. :)


  1. Great names! Starting to feel a "little" guilty for cheating and having a list for guys and a list for gals. But seriously this is too hard not to be fair to both genders! ;)

    Here's my Top 5 Sundays

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  2. Galen is also in LOTU he is the bad guy carrying the demon Hope. :) Great picks BTW. I also enjoy an Irish name.

  3. Awesome picks!

    I love Connall! also from the Gail carriger books! YAY!