Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Erotic -- a

Due to the following content - this post is 18+ please. I'm going to be talking about some adult topics. :)

Every time I say "erotica" Madonna's song runs through my head - hence the title of this post... I tried to capture part of the song. Ha ha. 
Anyway - the purpose of this post: I have a lot of YA on my TBR, and already read on my shelves. I enjoy reading paranormal and some contemporary YA lit, but lately - it just hasn't been exciting me.  Then, the Forbidden Bookshelf 
hosted a month-long event on BDSM and I started to check out some erotica authors.

I found a lot of free or inexpensive ebooks and e-novellas on Amazon that I could read on my iPod -- and now I'm addicted. Check out my "Books Read in 2011" page. It's full of erotica. I'm not even sure on dates that I finished them, because I read a few at a time on my iPod-- before bed, in the car, while watching TV, everywhere. 

I've discovered that not only do I enjoy erotica - I enjoy reading about menage - m/f/m; m/m; and BDSM. I actually haven't met an erotica I haven't liked. It's not just the sex. The books and novellas I've read have interesting plots, that amazing physical connection between characters that leads to something deeper. And as unrealistic it may be in real life - I still like to read about it. I enjoy the Dom who takes complete control in the bedroom, but cares for his sub and is wholly focused on her pleasure. 

The ones that get me the most are when the characters are friends and suddenly discover they want each other, and it goes deeper. That seems to be a recurring theme in the erotica I read, but I thoroughly enjoy it. The plethora of hot men, of course, is nice. And the female leads are hardly ever perfect - they aren't super-skinny, or gorgeous, and a lot of them have insecurities - like real-life women, but the men always make them feel like the most beautiful, cherished woman in the world. Maybe that's why I enjoy these so much. 

Anywho - check out the widget for some of my faves, or my Books Read page - has all the links. Let me know who your favorite erotica author is, I'm always up for new suggestions! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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