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Review - Sweet and Dirty by Christina Crooks

Sweet and DirtyFrom
Sweet and Dirty is an erotic romance book containing two short novels: In “Baring it All,” a timid dog trainer hopes to become more dominant with the help of a fetish club owner, but instead learns how to accept her submissive nature. And in “Forbidden Heat,” workaholic Nora travels to a B&B that’s really a Bondage & Breakfast, where she meets the Master of her dreams.
Paperback, 320 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by Aphrodisia (first published 2009)
0758238738 (ISBN13: 9780758238733)
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My review:
I won this book from the author in a blog giveaway. It's actually like the second win I've had, and it was awesome getting a little swag from the author. I received the book, a promotional card for another of her books with her autograph, and the cover for her book coming out in September - also autographed. 
This book lived up to its title - it was sweet AND dirty. The first story introduced us to Michelle - originally from Alabama, she is trying to re-invent herself in LA. She meets Ro in a fetish shop, where she is buying dog collars under orders from her boss at the dog day care, where she works. Ro invites her to his new club - The Dungeon, and Michelle goes - hoping to learn how to be more dominant. 
I enjoyed getting to know these characters - we learn about their pasts, and I feel like I could really connect with them. It was endearing to watch Michelle struggle with trying to be more dominant, when really she just needed to accept her submissive side and embrace it. I loved the scenes with her and Ro - the tension was delicious. While labeled and erotic romance - and involving BDSM - the language used was much milder than other erotic romances I've read recently, so that's where the sweet comes in. 
The second story features Nora and Ryan - an engaged power couple heading to a B & B for a romantic getaway - but it stands for Bondage & Breakfast. I did not like Ryan immediately and found myself hoping Nora ditched him soon. Nora was awesome - strong, independent, yet finding she may enjoy some of the darker sides of BDSM. Sylvester - YUM... The scenes between him and Nora are absolutely delicious with tension. I love that he holds himself away from her for so long. The build-up to the finale was awesome.
This story had stronger and darker subjects than the first one - but again, the language was mild. This didn't bother me, but I did actually check the spine to see if it was labeled erotic romance - it is. :) There was new BDSM in this story that I was unaware of - the use of electricity - interesting. Also - there is discussion and the acting out of pretend rape - so if that bothers you, you may want to skip this. There is always the option of a safe word - she isn't really being raped - but her fantasy was to be taken against her will, and it is acted out. Sorry for the spoiler, but it may be a sensitive topic for some. 
Overall, I enjoyed both stories. I connected to the characters, I found myself rooting for them or booing them. I loved the scenes of sexual tension. I also loved the BDSM. Both heroines are introduced into the world of BDSM and it was nice to watch their discoveries. Nora took to it like she was meant for the lifestyle. Michelle enjoyed it at first because she thought she was learning how to be more dominant and aggressive in life, while really learning about herself. I also enjoyed watching the heroes interact with the women. Ro takes to Michelle immediately and woos her, while Sylvester is attracted to Nora, but holds himself away from her because he doesn't trust himself or women anymore. He even pushes her onto the other men in the B&B.
I live in a small town 4 hours from the nearest "big city". I would love if places like these actually existed for people to explore their curiosities. The more BDSM I read, the more curious I am and the more I want to experience what the heroines in the books experience. :)
If you're looking for sweet erotica with a side of BDSM, this book is for you. It's a quick read and well worth the time. I enjoyed it. I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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