Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not Sure How I Feel About This...

I just discovered my all-time favorite trilogy is now going to be a TV series on the CW.

The Initiation (The Secret Circle, Vol. 1) (No. 1)The Captive (The Secret Circle #2)SECRET CIRCLE V III POWER MM

I first read these books in the early 90s - when I was ending junior high and beginning high school. They have always remained my favorites. I have probably read them at least 10 times. I know them by heart.

Here is my post, where I took pics of my originals.

When I was younger - I wanted to be Cassie. We had so much in common. Same hair, same eyes, we were both Cancers, we both moved in high school to a new place. Both shy at first, but get us out of our shell and woo! 
(Yes, overrealate much? LOL)

Anyway, I'm scared. I didn't much like what they did the the storyline of the Vampire Diaries, and just by watching the 30 second trailer, they have changed the story of these books, too. Yet, I'm strangely excited, too.

You can check them out on Facebook, too.

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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about it either. I read these books at about the same time you did and I absolutely loved them. I recently found two of my original copies. I'm worried they're going to totally screw this up. *sigh*