Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 5 Sunday #3 and I'm So Excited!!

Top 5 Sundays are hosted by Larissa @ Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life
This week's theme is:
UF or PNR Pet Peeves!
Sorry, I don't have fancy pics... I'm not even sure how to grab Larissa's image to post here.. LOL... I'm still learning - but thanks for visiting and putting up with my lameness. :) Here goes my pet peeves...
1. Love at First Sight... Really - I think I may just be cynical, but that all-consuming love they find as soon as they lay eyes on someone... Really? Ugh, I like angst and heartache and conflict... :D I even enjoy a non-HEA once in awhile... 

2. Complex worlds with sooo many characters... Seriously - I love when an author creates a whole new world - but I had to take notes during Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry series so I could keep all her lovers straight... Some authors do characters well, others -you have to dig out the first books in the series to remember who people are. I actually took notes throughout J.R. Ward's series also - on my 2nd read through and noticed some inconsistencies in details... No - I'm not anal at all... :)

3. Dumb, dumb heroines. I like my women tough, smart, and witty. Bella irritates me - stole that from Larissa ;) When they're whiny, too submissive, or otherwise weak- blech. 

4. An inordinate number of sublimely attractive people/beings. Again - I like to fantasize about hot, huge, muscled men, but why do they always have to fall for gorgeous, perfect women? lol That gives me so much hope (sarcasm) :) lol 

5. Quickie meaningless sex that turns into a burning love. Granted - I also like when this happens... lol... but again, Were they that good in bed that after one go round - you suddenly can't live without them? 

Wow, I'm kind of cynical, huh? Why do I read these books? LOL I wonder if the things that bother me are also part of the reason I love these books so much... 
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Part 2 - Why I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Sooo, this coming week marks the release of LOVER UNLEASHED by J.R. Ward
THE DARKEST SECRET by Gena Showalter, and ETERNAL RIDER by Larissa Ione... All are must-haves for me, so I preordered them from Amazon since I got a GC... I received an email this morning - They were shipped!! I can not wait to get my hands on these books!! We are going to Chicago on Friday- guess what I'll be doing in the car ride down?  LOL  Watch next week for reviews!! I'm sure I'll ignore my monstrous TBR and gorge myself on those books. :)

Thanks for stopping!! Check out Gena Showalter's page by clicking on the countdown widget ---
Also, stay tuned to Reality Bites for upcoming book tours!! I'm excited to be a part of these tours, and hope you stop by! 

Mandy :)    


  1. Great picks! This one was more fun that I first thought!

    Here's my Top 5 Sundays

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  2. Mandy (love your name BTW :) )- Im so excited to tell you that you won my blog followers contest!!! I see that you already have G. Showalter and L. Ione on order, so you want the K. Sparks book? I maybe something else? I can pre-order you Anya Basts new book in the Dark Magick series.

  3. Sorry forgot to mention please contact me at prnovel (at) gmail (dot) com

    thanks again!

  4. awesome list!!! I so agree with you about them all!! =D

    YAY for the books!

    looking forward to your reviews =D